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Uhura Training Academy 2018

Thank you to all our cadets and instructors for a fantastic debut!

Gal’s Guide answered the call to boldly go and organized 16 hours of all-ages programming for Starbase Indy 2018. Creating the fun and adventurous theme of Uhura Training Academy, Gal’s Guide was able to shine a spotlight on a science fiction heroine – and the real-life actress that portrayed her – that changed the face of television and space-travel as we know it! Programs like “The Life and Legacy of Nichelle Nichols” and “Secret Codes,” merged STEM subjects with a Star Trek theme provided high-quality learning programs.

Our Gal-lery

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Accepting cadets of all ages November 2018 at Starbase Indy!

Gal’s Guide has teamed up with Starbase Indy to host a variety of family-friendly presentations, games and activities relating to the skills and interests of the Enterprise’s Communications Officer, Nyota Uhura.

Our programs will explore science, history, navigation, performance as well as communications.

Cadets who “graduate” with four credits will receive a certificate of completion from the Uhura Training Academy.

The Uhura Training Academy is offered as part of your Starbase Indy badge. The UTA will be open Friday, November 23 – Sunday, November 25. Get your badge today and use coupon code ACADEMY for $5 off! 


Full Course Schedule

  • Friday – 2D Kinetic Sculpture Workshop
  • Friday – Secret Code: Learn to Decipher and Create Codes
  • Friday – Create An Alien
  • Saturday – Creative Constellations
  • Saturday – Genius Kits
  • Saturday – Edible Entomology (bugs!!!!)
  • Saturday – Life & Legacy of Nichelle Nichols
  • Saturday – How Far Away Is It? Planet Distance Experiment.
  • Saturday – Confidence Code
  • Saturday – Vulcan vs. Human Anatomy
  • Saturday – Hailing Frequencies Open: The History of Communications
  • Sunday – Meteorology
  • Sunday – Uhura Trivia Game
  • Sunday – Humanism of Star Trek
  • Sunday – Navigation History Across Sea and Space
  • Sunday – Women in Science Game

If you would like to support this event by donating, visit our Go Fund Me Page.

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