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Library Giving Day 2020

Gal’s Guide is the only library dedicated to women’s history in America where you can browse the stacks and check out a book. We created a small-but-mighty community space where men, women, and children can escape their hectic lives, where they can feel welcomed and inspired.

In these very weird times, we could use your support.


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Hard Work Continues

The Gal’s Guide Library was open for 12 wonderful days before the Stay At Home order in our state. Even though we have temporarily closed our doors, we quickly transitioned to stay open virtually.

  • We partnered with Tumble Books and curated their online titles to showcase female authors and women’s history.
  • We kept the Gal’s Guide Podcast going and even added video!
  • We amped up social media posts to add polls, social distancing activities, and birthday shoutouts with mini history biographies.
  • Leah offered a cross-stitch tutorial on Nickel Plate Arts FB Live.
  • Gal’s Guide was featured on Nickel Plate Arts First Friday’s with a live look at our funny gals collection.
  • Volunteer staff members have taken on extra tasks and jobs to fulfill the transition.
  • We are still taking book donations using our dropbox and Amazon Charity Wish Lists.

As we await for a time to reopen our doors we are working on lining up out-of-this-world events including author visits, workshops, and even GAL talks (you know like TED talks but female-focused).


Library Giving Day is April 23, 2020. Let’s keep the spotlight on women’s stories. With your help, we can illuminate positivity and inner-connection. Help us keep the Gal’s Guide Library open virtually and physically.


We also understand that this is not an easy time. It’s okay if you can’t donate now, you can always give to the library when things are back on track.

Book Donations

We are still accepting book donations. They can be mailed to us or dropped off using the Gal’s Guide drop box on the porch of the green Stephenson House.

We are actively seeking books written by women or about women. Our focus is memoirs, biographies, autobiographies.

We will gladly accept any book because what doesn’t in the scope of our collection we can sell in our used bookstore and use that money to buy books that do fit our scope.

Gal’s Guide
c/o Nickel Plate Arts
107 S. 8th Street
Noblesville, IN 46060

It's Library Giving Day


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