Wonder Woman Academy Online Camp

Bummed that Wonder Woman 1984 movie is being postponed? Take this opportunity to strengthen your inner Wonder Woman and learn the life skills from this mythic-warrior Goddess.

Join us Noon on Zoom Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays July 1-31. Each class is 1 hour.

15 free warrior classes taught by Dr. Leah Leach of Gal’s Guide as well as special speakers.


Certified Graduate Program (Optional)

For a $25 donation to Gal’s Guide you’ll receive

  • Exclusive 3″ vinyl Wonder Woman Academy sticker
  • A pair of Wonder Woman slap bracelets
  • Collectible Gal’s Guide bookmark
  • Personalized diploma suitable for framing

Online (1)

Class Schedule

15 Free Classes. Classes are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in July. The suggested ages are 13+. All classes are at noon on Zoom. Those who have registered 48 hours prior to the class will receive the link to each webinar.

Wonder Woman 101

Wednesday, July 1 at noon on Zoom. Learn about the inspiration and creation of Wonder Woman by Dr. William Moulton Marston, Elizabeth Marston, and Olive Byrne. Discover the evolution of the character through comics, TV shows, pop culture and eventually her own movie.

Greek Gods 101

Thursday, July 2 at noon on Zoom. Taught by Bonnie Fillenwarth.

Amazons of Greek Mythology

Friday, July 3 at noon on Zoom. Taught by Bonnie Fillenwarth.

Mythic Messages in the Wonder Woman (2017) Movie 

Wednesday, July 8 at noon on Zoom.

The Internal Battleground

Thursday, July 9 at noon on Zoom.

Breaking the Chains

Friday, July 10 at noon on Zoom.

The Confidence Code 

Wednesday, July 11 at noon on Zoom. Based on the #1 New York Times bestselling book, we’ll practice and train how to take risks, mess up, and become your amazing imperfect totally powerful self.

What is a Strong Woman? 

Thursday, July 12 at noon on Zoom. We’ll explore not only how to identify strong women in our lives but also how to be one, and how to encourage more women to feel strong and confident.

A Matriarchal Society

Friday, July 13 at noon on Zoom.

Margaret Sanger – Wonder Woman Inspiration and History

Wednesday, July 22 at noon on Zoom.

Lasso of Truth – The Invention of the Lie Detector Test

Thursday, July 23 at noon on Zoom.

Art Project – Wonder Woman Cross Stitch Tutorial

Friday, July 24 at noon on Zoom.

Special Speakers To Be Announced

Wednesday, July 29
Thursday, July 30
Friday, July 31

Graduation ceremony

Friday, July 31 at 1pm on Zoom.

Meet Your Instructor



Dr. Leah Leach is the Head Mistress of the Wonder Woman Academy. She is the Executive Director of Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy, the first lending library dedicated to women’s history in the United States.  Nuvo named her a “Herstory Detective” for her award-winning podcast work on Your Gal Friday. Leah is a fun, engaging public speaker who tours schools and organizations sharing the wisdom of female role models throughout history in hopes of inspiring new role models. She also has a Wonder Woman tattoo.



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