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2023 Writer’s Galaxy Intensive

Everyone wants to be a writer, but who has the time?

With a job to pay the bills, the demands of family, and doing the things you need to do to maintain your sanity, there is precious little left for your literary ambitions. That is where The 2023 Writer’s Galaxy Intensive comes in. Take one weekend and dedicate it to your craft. No outside distractions, no other obligations, just you, your tools, and hours spent digging away at the stories that lay inside your creative heart.

This is a writing intensive, a time to think about writing, learn about writing, and, more importantly, actually write. You will be presented with writing prompts and time to dig into them. You will work with other writers to excavate the bedrock of what you are trying to say. Then you will be provided with tools to cut and facet the gems you found deep within your own story mine. At the end of the weekend, you should emerge with some rough-hewn pieces and at least one that is more polished and ready to show the world.

So how about it? Have you been ghosting your muse because you just don’t have time? Has your favorite pen dried up from a lack of use? Is your thesaurus getting lonely? Come join us at the Writer’s Galaxy Intensive, and feed that part of you that feeds your soul.

Register now

July 28-30 at the Gal’s Guide Library

Limited space. Only 10 seats are available.

Includes, notebook, pens, snacks, drinks, and lunch on Saturday.

$100 per person


  • A dedicated time to write, apart from other distractions.
  • Guided writing prompts, useful for stretching.
  • Solid advice for next steps after first drafts, specifically, an introduction to the various kinds of edits.
  • 4 first drafts and at least one partially edited piece.

What is the Writer’s Galaxy Intensive?

A chance to put your writing desire into practice and work with other writers in the non-threatening environment The Writer’s Galaxy is known for.

Where is the Writer’s Galaxy Intensive Taking Place?

At the Gal’s Guide Library in Noblesville, 107 S. 8th Street, Noblesville, Indiana. There is no online option for this intensive.

Who is the instructor?

The Intensive will be led by Jeff Couch of The Writer’s Galaxy.

When is it?

  • Friday, July 28, from 1pm-6pm
  • Saturday, July 29, from 9am-7pm (Lunch provided from 1:30pm-2:30)
  • Sunday, July 30, from 9am-2pm

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