Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy

Due to the COVID-19 virus, Gal’s Guide Library will be temporarily closed starting March 18. It pains us greatly as our opening date was March 6. We are going to do our small part to not spread the virus and to keep our community safe. Because of the short time we have been open to the public, we are looking for a grand re-opening as soon as the time is right.

During our library closure, we will focus our efforts online and on the page.  We will share amazing resources focusing on women’s history including new Gal’s Guide Podcast episodes every Monday. Plus, our founder, Leah Leach, has been approached by a publisher and is working on a book about the importance of women’s history.

During this weird time, here are great ways to support women’s history and interact with us at Gal’s Guide

Here’s a cool link of activities. We’ll keep adding to this! 

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About Gal’s Guide Library

We are the first lending-library dedicated to women’s history in America. We are a community hub as well as a destination pilgrimage for those around the world. The Gal’s Guide Library is a small-but-mighty community place where men, women, and children can escape their hectic lives, where they can feel welcomed and inspired.


Because of the generous support of Nickel Plate Arts and our supporters, Gal’s Guide Library is located at Noblesville, IN. (When we re-open) Come browse the stacks and check out a book, memberships are free!

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