How many chapters of Gal’s Guide are there?

We’re just getting started, we have two chapters. One in Noblesville, Indiana that has been meeting since 2013 and decided 2016 is the year to bring this awesomeness to more women! The second is brand new and in Melbourne, Australia!

Help us bring Gal’s Guide to your city by checking out the Start Your Own Chapter page.

What is a typical meeting like? 

A meeting starts out with general chit-chat. Snack and drinks are provided. If we have new attendee’s we do introductions leading into a topic overview before digging into questions. Nothing is off limits. What happens at the meetings stays at the meetings. We do let the conversations go off topic. Meetings last about 2 hours.

Does everyone have to talk at a meeting? 

Not at all. Captain’s give everyone an opportunity to talk but you don’t have to.

How many women are at a typical meeting? 

It ranges on the time of the year but we average about 5 women per meeting.

Are there online meetings?

Yes! We have a Google Hangouts call when a buzzing topic comes up. For upcoming online meetings as well as past discussions check out Online Meetings

Are there costs to be a member of Gal’s Guide or Chapter leader? 

Absolutely not.

Is Gal’s Guide men-hating feminist group? 

Far from it. It comes as a shock to many but most of our meetings topics and discussions have nothing to do with men. We are working to build up our fellow women and not tear them down. We have wonderful male supporters of Gal’s Guide who are feminists and/or parents with daughters. To us feminism means a strive for social and financial equality of all sexes. We’re all in this together.

How can I become a member? 

Join our facebook group and or sign up for our newsletter. 

How can I become a Captain and bring meetings to my city? 

Check out the Start Your Own Chapter page and send us an email at galsguidetothegalaxy@gmail.com