Meet The Team

We are a group of gal-pals who love women’s history.

Dr. Leah Leach

Executive Director , Founder

Responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of Gal’s Guide. Leah is the head of fundraising and community outreach programs. She leads Uhura Training Academy and is the Gal’s Guide Podcast Producer. Leah has won five awards for her work on podcasts she’s produced. Leah founded Gal’s Guide in 2016 after running a women’s group for three years as well as a multi-award winning film company for a decade. She is a high energy speaker and big thinker behind Gal’s Guide.

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Bonnie Fillenwarth

Library Manager & Grant Manager

Curates the quality of the collections that the library has to offer. Seeks for diversity in the library’s stacks. Sets up the borrowing and returns systems to see they run efficiently. Manages the services and facilities of the library. Bonnie also researches grants for Gal’s Guide projects. Bonnie is an acclaimed visual artist who creates colorful paintings celebrating women throughout history. Since 2018, she has created a women’s history calendar. Bonnie represents the state of Indiana on the Her Flag project. 

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Katie Harris

Book Club Manager

Works with Bonnie and Leah in assisting in planning, implementing and evaluating library services. Katie leads the monthly book club. Katie comes from a Vocational Service Manager’s background working with kids with developmental disabilities.

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Barb Conlin

Director of Community Outreach

Barb started volunteering and supporting Gal’s Guide in 2020 after retiring from a 30+ year career in I.T. Now, as Director of Community Outreach, she helps to strengthen the relationship with the online and surrounding community and assists with running events and executing the Gal’s Guide mission.

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Lisa Cardona

Volunteer Coordinator

Lisa is a long-time volunteer of Gal’s Guide. She starting attending events before we even had a library. As the Volunteer Coordinator, Lisa gathers the eager volunteers for events, library shifts and library projects. Lisa comes comes wonderful background of HR and Girl Scout Troupe leader.

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Phoebe Frear

Special Film Project Director

Phoebe Frear is the owner of production company Elephant Trunk Films. She is passionate about creating stories that inspire community and change. The combination of travel and filmmaking is a long sought out passion of hers. Phoebe has worked with Gal’s Guide on the Your Gal Friday Podcast and on special video projects like Wonder Woman Academy.

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Want to work with us?

Board of Directors

The Gal’s Guide board is a strategy board with a few members also working as staff. Applications are reviewed in January, April, July, and October.

Katie Harris, President

Bonnie Fillenwarth, Vice President

Lindsey Taylor, Secretary

Leah Leach, Treasurer

Shana Antas, Board Member at Large

Lisa Cardona, Board Member at Large

Barb Conlin, Board Member at Large

Melody Bernot, Board Member at Large

Wendi Williams, Board Member at Large

Patricia Rossi, Board Member at Large