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Our Spotlight This Month is on Clothes & Costuming!

The last day of October fills our streets with the young (and young at heart) dressed in costumes shuffling through the fall leaves in search of candy. This month we are looking not only at Halloween costumes but cosplay, stage and film costuming, and the clothes we wear every day in between. We’re working on new stories throughout the month of October showcasing the history of different aspects of clothing as well as discussing what clothes say about us. We’ll have links to all of them here on the home page of Gal’s Guide.

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October Meeting

Gal's Guide October Meeting

Amelia Bloomer: A Rebel in Pants

Amelia BloomerA Rebel in Pants

Life & Legacy of Coco Chanel – Your Gal Friday Podcast 

Alice Guy Blance

Halloween Costumes Inspired by Your Gal Friday 

Costumes Inspired by

14 Empowering Quotes About Clothes

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