School Outreach

We offer two school outreach programs tailored for Elementary though University and in 30 minute to 1 hour presentations.

Program #1 Women You Haven’t Learned About in School

Gal’s Guide delivers a fun, informative, and interactive presentation about women inventors, artists, political leaders, and sports-record breakers.

Presented as a game for the students, this PowerPoint presentation features two incredibly interesting women, their picture, their name and the year they have lived.

We read a short bio loaded with age-appropriate clues and have the students guess if the bio belongs to image #1 or #2. We encourage using deduction and identifying clues either in the image or the read description.

After the students guess, we reveal the correct answer and ask the students if they have any guess on what job the other woman has. A short bio will be given for the second image. Next slide continues with 2 more women.

A 30 minute presentation has 14 women. A 60 minute presentation has 26 women.

Interested in this presentation?  Contact us for more information

Pike Guion presentation 2

Program #2: Women in the Film Industry

Retired filmmaker and Gals Guide Executive Director, Kate Chaplin, has been giving presentations about the importance of women in the film industry for the last 4 years. She offers High School and University as well as community organization presentations showcasing statistics, testimonials, how far reaching the problem is and tangible solutions.

She has spoken at Hoby Leadership Conference, Ball State University, Indiana University Bloomington, Harrison Park Elementary School, Pike High School, Indiana Filmmakers Network, River Bend Film Festival, Indianapolis International Film Festival, Indy Writers’ Group, Tipton Arts Commission and more.

Interested in this presentation?  Contact us for more information








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