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Why Libraries Will Have A Long Shelf Life

Did you know that more American’s visit the library than go to the movie theater?

Thanks to a new Gallup poll done in Dec 2019 there is data revealing that libraries are the most frequented leisure activity for American’s surpassing sporting events, live concerts, and museum trips.

Gallup Poll

This is a wonderful confirmation to the team at Gal’s Guide who are looking to build the first women’s history library in America where you can browse the stacks and check out a book.

Interestingly Gallup did a similar poll in 2001 and was able to address the question Gal’s Guide is often are asked, “In a digital age is a physical book still important to a community?”

Gallup states in their report, “Despite the proliferation of digital-based activities over the past two decades — including digital books, podcasts, streaming entertainment services and advanced gaming — libraries have endured as a place Americans visit nearly monthly on average. Whether because they offer services like free Wi-Fi, movie rentals, or activities for children, libraries are most utilized by young adults, women and residents of low-income households.”

Gallup’s survey showing the young adult usage of libraries correlates to our other finding within the 2016 Pew Research Center survey that reports that “Millennials in America are more likely to have visited a public library in the past year than any other adult generation.”

According to an early the Pew Research Center (2013) American’s love libraries where they can browse the stacks, research a new topic or sit and read.

  • 91% of American’s say that libraries are important to their communities
  • 84% of American’s have visited a library in their lives
  • 80% of American’s say borrowing books is a very important service
  • 54% of American’s visit a library to research topics that interest them
  • 49% of American’s visit a library to sit, read, and study or watch or listen to media

You may not have known but Women’s organizations have a long history of starting libraries. The American Library Association accredited, “Women’s clubs with the responsibility for initiating seventy-five percent of the public libraries now in existence in the United States.” And yet, in the United States, there is no library dedicated to women’s history that is not connected to a university or run out of a bookmobile.

Gal’s Guide is going to change that!

Gal’s Guide is not only looking to fill a void and fulfill a need by creating a women’s history library that American’s value but they are doing their own survey to pinpoint the needs of those who would use it most.




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