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Gal’s Guide  is proud to launch its newest award-winning feature, Your Gal Friday! Your Gal Friday will shine a weekly spotlight on a gal who is a leader, innovator or rule breaker. Your podcast hosts, Kate Chaplin and Phoebe Frear, are talking about the lives of these amazing gals and what they learned about them while researching. Each month we’ll cover a gal in the areas of art, science, culture and history. The podcast is where you’ll find the bulk of the gal’s story and her wisdom, however we’ll have a short video as well as an article spotlight for each gal in our series.

Your Gal Friday ties into our School Outreach Program and is perfect for teachers and students to learn more about the amazing gals of our galaxy.

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Now Available

  1. Alice Guy Blaché- First Female Filmmaker
  2. Hedy Lammar – Inventor & Actress
  3. Coco Chanel – Fashion Designer
  4. Bessie Coleman – Fearless Flyer
  5. Ella Fitzgerald – Jazz Singer
  6. Harriet Tubman – Slave Rescuer
  7. Jane Addams – Mother of Social Work
  8. Ada Lovelace – First Computer Programmer