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Our Spotlight This Month is on Inventors.

Inventors are problem solvers. They see the world in terms of an unseen need and they work to take elements already in known existence and assemble something new. They all start with the same mind set – I know I can help and I know I can do it better. Let’s shine a spotlight on the world of gals who invent because we need more of them.

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The Beauty of Patent Drawings

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Kahoot Quiz – Women Inventors


Hedy Lamarr – her invention would lead to wi-fi

Alice Guy Blance

Ada Lovelace – inventor of the computer program

Alice Guy Blance

Mary Anderson – inventor of the windshield wiper

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Film Pioneers – inventors of the narrative film, boom mic and more!

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Madam CJ Walker – inventor of a line of African-American hair care products

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