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It’s Black History Month!

We agree with Morgan Freeman that Black history shouldn’t be relegated to one month just as much as we agree that women’s history should be celebrated every day and not just in March. Each month we choose a spotlight to channel our efforts into a subject to create new content and highlight existing content. We strive to vary from the norm and bring interesting stories, profiles and lists that you won’t see anywhere else.

This month we are shining a spotlight on our amazing Black sisters with history of Harriet Tubman, who was the first American gal to lead wartime troops into battle, Madam CJ Walker who built a beauty empire that still exists today, Ella Fitzgerald whose Jazz singing led her to be dubbed “The First Lady of Song”, and Bessie Coleman who had to go to France to become the first female African-American and Native American pilot.

Your Gal Friday is back with new episodes talking about the life and legacy of the real gals of Hidden Figures! Season 2 starts February 2!

Our meeting this month will be fantastic. Edan Evans de Roziere will lead an amazing journey of how our genealogy is a roadmap for self worth and purpose. We also have a cross stitch meetup with a new pattern inspired by Hidden Figures!

New articles, podcasts and events all month long!


February Meeting

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The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

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First Episode of Season 2 – Prelude to Hidden Figures

YGF Season 2 Wallpaper

Dorothy Vaughan – Mathematician and Hidden Figure

Alice Guy Blance

Katherine Johnson – Mathematician and Hidden Figure

Alice Guy Blance

Madam CJ Walker – Hair Care Entrepreneur

Madam Header

Ella Fitzgerald – Jazz Singer

Ella blog header

Bessie Coleman – Fearless Flyer

Alice Guy Blance (1)

Harriet Tubman – Slave Rescuer

Alice Guy Blance

 Travel Story – Harriet Tubman

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