We are in the process of building the first women’s history library with a lending library. We have 1,300+ women’s history books in our temporary location is in Noblesville, IN. We are seeking grant funding and community support for a public building for the Gal’s Guide Library & Research Center.

We have researched what librarians, as well as patrons, wish they could have in a library and we’ve also thought out of the box. We will provide for the community a place where men, women, and children can escape their hectic lives, where they can feel welcomed and inspired.

We will combine a library, a Starbucks and a cozy living room; a place where our “Guides” are like Cast Members from Disney World and the energy is positive and world-changing like at a Girl Scout meeting.

Women’s organizations have a long history of starting libraries. The American Library
Association accredited, “Women’s clubs with the responsibility for initiating seventy-five
percent of the public libraries now in existence in the United States.” And yet, in the United States, there is no library dedicated to women’s history that is not connected to a university or run out of a bookmobile.

Let’s change that!

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Gal’s Guide is seeking to build the first independent women’s history library in the United States. Our mission is to preserve, collect, share and champion women’s achievements.

Book Donations

We are currently seeking donations of books and materials relating to women’s history.

  • We will accept any books about women or written by women. Our focus is on female written autobiographies, research papers, letters, cookbooks, and diaries from women around the world from any time period.
  • Book donations can be mailed to our temporary facility: Gal’s Guide, 1393 Wayne Street, Noblesville, IN 46060.

Our Wish List

Capital Donations

We are seeking funding for a small but mighty permanent facility that will be open to the public as well as an online digital database. Gal’s Guide is a 501(c)3 public, educational nonprofit.



We are looking for volunteer staff including Book Hunters to help find material and resources for the center. You can be from any corner of the galaxy.

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