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Gal’s Guide Podcast

Our adult podcast features a round-table discussion where each guest brings one cool thing to the table that relates to women in our monthly topic. The Gals Pals do get pretty drunk and the show is a lot of fun!

Li’l Friday

Our latest audiobook is Little Women, an American coming of age story written by Louisa May Alcott. Read by Amber Jacoba.

Frigg Friday

Enjoy the Norway classic Kristin Lavansdatter written by Sigrid Undset. Read by Michelle Hammond.

Franken’ Friday

Enjoy the horror classic Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley. Published in 1818. Read by Amber Jones.

Your Gal Friday

Our student-friendly podcast showcases a gal in our galaxy that we can all learn from. Winner of 2017 Indy Pop Con Best Family Podcast Award. Hosted by Dr. Leah Leach and Phoebe Frear.

Kate’s Take

Filmmaker Kate Chaplin takes a film that has influenced her life for good, bad or ugly and dissects it to show you the hidden lessons within movies. This five-time-award-winning show appeared on D20crit from 2013-2015. New episodes coined “Reloaded” were produced by Gal’s Guide from 2016-2017. Many of the shows have been lost but keep an eye out for our Flashback Friday Episodes on the Gal’s Guide Podcast.


Thoughtful human interaction, fun expansion of my knowledge base, and the joys of sisterhood without the often attendant man-bashing. Leah Leach & company bring together the best parts of feminist thought, history, and ideals, and bring us ALL along for the ride…shaping a brighter future for everyone!

— Kym S. Flannery

This is a wonderful podcast. I love to hear what new thing these Gal Pals are bringing to the table. It’s fun and informative, the puns are always flying and you’re guaranteed to learn something new. Honest conversations from real people. I can’t recommend this show enough!

— JoshTheUndead