For Teachers

We are here to help teachers thrive and succeed in their classrooms. We can also take the load off of a teacher’s workload.

Think of us for Women’s History Month in March but also all year long!

Our New Academies

Uhura Training Academy

STEM & BIPOC focus

What if Uhura had an academy? What would she teach? Explores the skills and talents of your favorite Star Trek Communications Officer. 20+ programs to pick from ranging from 20-50 minutes for all ages.

Wonder Woman Academy

Warrior Woman focus

Gal’s Guide gave you the opportunity to strengthen your inner Wonder Woman and learn the life skills from this mythic-warrior Goddess. 15 programs to pick from running from 20-50 minutes for middle school +

General Leia Academy

Activism & Rebel focus

New offering from Gal’s Guide! These classes are being structured to learn how to cause some good trouble for positive change in the galaxy. We are able to tailor this program to fit your needs.

Captain Marvel Academy

Adventure and Team Building focus

New offering from Gal’s Guide! Captain Marvel is a wonderful example of a Top Gun pilot that instills teamwork in every planet she helps. We are able to tailor this program to fit your needs.

Academies can be online, inperson, weekly events, 3-day events, or a 20-minute presentation. We are here to provide amazing programming with a women’s history twist.

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Field Trips

Bring your students to the first women’s history lending library in the U.S. Guided tours are free. We suggest a group of 15-20 at a time.

Gal’s Guide Library is located on the Nickel Plate Art campus. If you’d like a tour of both facilities, we can make that work!

Use the contact form below.

Interactive Presentations

Enrich your curriculum and have Gal’s Guide come to your school or join an online call.

We have fun, informative, and interactive presentations about women inventors, scientists, artists, leaders, and sports-record breakers.

Gals of History

Students will jump at the chance to play a game that tests their deduction skills and time-travel power. Students will learn women are also scientists, mathematicians, inventors, computer programmers, race car drivers, NHL Players, astronauts, business leaders, authors, filmmakers, and the president of YouTube.

Elementary school presentations are 30 minutes and cover 14 gals using Kahoot or PowerPoint. Middle school and high school presentations are 50 minutes and cover 24 gals using Kahoot or PowerPoint.

Gals of Science

Back up we’re going to do some science! Students will learn about the gals who have classified the stars, studied the Earth’s core, created computer languages, pushed medicine and chemistry to their full potential, and more.

Middle school and high school presentations are 50 minutes and cover 24 gals using Kahoot or PowerPoint.

Film Pioneers

Did you know it was a gal who invented the narrative film? Learn about the early pioneers of film that made more films and were paid more than names like D.W. Griffith and Cecile B. DeMille. Then travel through time as we present the amazing gals throughout history who have told stories through a film lens.

High school and University PowerPoint presentations are 1-2 hours.

The kids are having so much fun they do not realize they are learning about history.

Pike elementary school librarian

Girl Scout Patch

Learn about women of history and earn a Gal’s Guide compass patch. Supported by the Girl Scouts.

Let’s Celebrate Women’s History.

Teacher Led OptionsFree
Classroom Presentation$100
Club Presentation$100
School Assembly$500

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