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Teacher-Led Activities

Bring time travel to your classroom with Gal’s Guide study guides, quizzes, and activities that shine a spotlight on the amazing women of history. Perfect for Women’s Month every March.

We’ve done the months’ worth of research and work to allow you to bring these role models to your students this school year.

Gals of History

Students will jump at the chance to play a game that tests their deduction skills and time-travel power. Students will learn women are also scientists, mathematicians, inventors, computer programmers, race car drivers, NHL Players, astronauts, business leaders, authors, filmmakers and the president of YouTube. Women of the past and present who have made our world more connected, creative and innovative.

Our base teacher-led program combines grade-specific reading materials and a Kahoot quiz.

Grade 3-5

Grade 6-8

To Expand This Program:

  • Have students choose a featured gal and research her life. Design a “wall of fame” poster for the classroom.
  • Have students create a series of imagined tweets asking, “what would this gal tweet?”
  • Use our reading materials or quiz as a famous history person project starter list.
  • Graphic organizer possibles: KWL chart, timeline, cluster

Additional Resource: Your Gal Friday has student-focused podcast episodes, videos, and articles. We have media on J.K. Rowling, Hedy Lamarr, Ada Lovelace, Alice Guy Blaché, and Coco Chanel.

Standards Met:

  • ELA Reading Nonfiction Key Ideas and Textual Support, Features and Structures, Connection of Ideas, Vocabulary Building, Speaking and Listening, Comprehension
  • Social Studies, History

More Kahoots

Want us to present at your school?

Check out our school outreach programs. 

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