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Gal’s Guide is a nonprofit organization that provides multimedia education about the lives of women. Our mission is to promote and improve the exposure of diverse female voices that showcase the multi-faceted paths of feminine wisdom.

We are building material with the focus of art, culture, history, and science. We will be adding more blogs, videos, podcast, exhibits, workshops and events that reflect the diverse world of women.

Our three principles are:

Female Focus: our content showcases the diverse points of view on femininity in the subjects of art, culture, history and science.

Education: a person’s greatest power is knowledge of the world around them. We provide education about the amazing female pioneers that have come before us and are still with us.

Empowerment: to enable and permit women to know they are a traveler in a big galaxy. There might be hurdles in the way, but together we can navigate them. Our goal is to come up with road maps, together, for more women and girls to safely navigate with confidence.


Your Gal Friday (Launching Spring of 2017) Our flagship content is a weekly podcast, article and short educational video showcasing a gal in our galaxy that we can all learn from. We also offer school presentations that are in concert with the gal’s we cover in our Your Gal Friday segments.

Consciousness Awareness Meetings (CAM): A throwback to the modern women’s movement, our CAM’s are once a month with a speaker, a set topic, and discussion following.

School Outreach Programs: We offer two school outreach programs tailored for Elementary though University and in 30 minute to 1 hour presentations.

Media Literacy Lady: We’ve joined forces with Sheila Plank (AKA The Media Literacy Lady) posting weekly articles about the importance of media literacy, and how to be more media savvy.

Women in Film: Our film committee is made up of women who are professional filmmakers, hobbyists and film fans.  Launched February 2017, the committee sets out to post articles reporting on the current state of women in Hollywood, showcasing female filmmaker, and film reviews from a feminine wisdom perspective.

Kate’s Take Podcast: We are so honored to be the new home of this five-time award-winning podcast. Filmmaker and public speaker, Kate Chaplin takes a film that has influenced her life and dissects it to show listeners the hidden lessons within. Available now on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Stitcher, and Podbean.

Directed by Women Event: In September of 2016 we partnered with the Directed By Women World-Wide Viewing Party to showcase a day of women-directed films as well as educational programming. We showed 3 documentaries: Reel Herstory, Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Superheronines, and She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry and hosted three informative panels. We would like to make this a yearly event if it can be properly funded.

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Our Leadership


Kate Chaplin

Tasks: Executive Director, Board President, In Meeting/Online Director & Podcast Host

Bio: Named an Indianapolis Notable Resident by Intake Magazine, Chaplin is an award-winning filmmaker, award-winning podcaster, public speaker and author of 4 books. Chaplin held the position of Executive Director for the Indy Writers Group and the Event Director for the Indiana Filmmakers Network. She has produced 18 films and been awarded 9 times. She is a consistent speaker throughout film festivals, conventions and organizations for her presentations of need of women in the film industry. Chaplin lives in Noblesville with her husband and two daughters and four animals.

Nicole Amsler

Tasks: Development Director, Board Vice President, Board Secretary, Marketing Director, Craft Night Director, Book Line Director & Podcast Host

Bio: Amsler is a long-time marketing professional, published author, and speaker. She was voted one of the top Women to Watch by WiBN in Dayton, Ohio and her work has been both awarded and published in variety of industries. She has lived in seven states with her husband, daughter, and son and currently resides in Noblesville.

Katie Harris

Tasks: Developmental Assistant, Board Treasurer, Book Club Director, & Podcast Host

 Bio: Harris is special needs educator, her leadership and compassion for children makes her an asset to Gal’s Guide. She lives in Noblesville with her son.

 Business Information 

501(c)3 Educational, Public Charity NTEE Women’s Centers (P83)

Certificate of Incorporation

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