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Katie Harris has a knack for picking a great book! A leader (and treasured unicorn) of the Gal’s Guide Book Club Katie will hand pick a book that fits into our research them for the month. Selections might be fiction, they might be non fiction.

We will meet on the last Thursday of every month at 8pm. Because of our wide reach we’re still looking at using Zoom to meet.

We are a no pressure book club, you don’t have to read the full book to participate. You do however have to sign up.


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April Book Selection

Environmental Women Month

Meeting date:

Thursday, April 29 at 8pm on Zoom

The Story of More

by Hope Jahren

Hope Jahren is an award-winning geobiologist, a brilliant writer, and one of the seven billion people with whom we share this earth.

The Story of More is her impassioned open letter to humanity as we stand at the crossroads of survival and extinction. Jahren celebrates the long history of our enterprising spirit–which has tamed wild crops, cured diseases, and sent us to the moon–but also shows how that spirit has created excesses that are quickly warming our planet to dangerous levels.

In short, highly readable chapters, she takes us through the science behind the key inventions–from electric power to large-scale farming and automobiles–that, even as they help us, release untenable amounts of carbon dioxide.

Available for checkout at the Gal’s Guide Library

May Book Selection

Folk Tales & Myths Month

Meeting dates:

Thursday, May 13 at 8pm TBD in person or zoom

Thursday, May 27 at 8pm TBD in person or zoom

The House of Pendragon: The Firebrand

by Debra A. Kemp

Despite the collar marking her as a slave of Dunn na Carraice, young Lin is fiercely determined to retain her pride and keep her family intact. That dignity bears a price, for Lin has drawn the wrath of Modred, the youngest prince of Orkney. His single-minded quest to break strong-willed Lin-by any means necessary-nearly succeeds.

Although Lin is accustomed to the death, disease, rape and famine that runs rampant in the slave hovel she calls home, it is when her beloved brother Dafydd is placed on the auction block that her warrior spirit becomes apparent to all who challenge her, and the shocking secret of her lineage is finally revealed.

Available for checkout at the Gal’s Guide Library

Previous Books

January Book Selection

For Rebel Gals month we read Untamed by Glennon Doyle.

February Book Selection

For Black Gals in STEM we read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.

March Book Selection

Wartime Women Month we are reading The Things We Cannot Say by Kelly Rimmer

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