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Fairyville 2023

Gal’s Guide Events Gal’s Guide Booth Friday, April 21, 6pm-9pmSaturday, April 22, 10am-5pm Check out our booth on the Fairyville Trail! We’ll have freebies and fairy goods for sale. We’ll also be your home base for the Scavenger Hunt; get your checklist and your Certificate of Fairy Awesomeness at the Gal’s Guide Booth. FREE to […]

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Librarian Gals

Our March theme revolves around our favorite thing – Librarians!!! Yes, we are biased. Librarians are funny, punny, snarky, savvy, helpful, and quiet warriors. To quote a social media trend, “We don’t deserve librarians.” See what’s new at the Gal’s Guide Library on First Friday, March 3, from 12pm-9pm. (There will be no snakes) We […]

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Black History Month

February is Black History Month, a wonderful time to learn more and celebrate the achievements of African-Americans and BIPOC around the world. Gal’s Guide Library is intentional in its displays, podcast, and spotlights to showcase Black women every month, but we love that there’s a nationwide movement in February and join the celebration wholeheartedly.

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Culinary Gals

Our February theme revolves around the food we love and the gals who bring together ingredients to make something deliciously magical! We are celebrating and shining a spotlight on the culinary gals in our lives from Grandma’s cooking to the White House Cookbook. See what’s new at the library on First Friday, February 3, from […]

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Writer’s Galaxy

History At the last class of the Journey Writing Workshop Jeff Couch wanted to keep the writing spirit alive. During the 12-week class, the Gal’s Guide Library experienced an open space to for writers to create, explore, and learn in an open and supportive environment. We’re happy to say that Writer’s Galaxy keeps that space […]

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Gal’s Guide Anthology: Journey

Gal’s Guide is please to release our second anthology! This years theme is Journey. Enjoy all the different ways to experience a journey. Poetry and prose from writers all over the world. Double in size from last year, learn from 33 authors including, Barb Conlin, Kelly Weger, Angie Klink, Jeff Couch, and many more. Published […]

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Inspirational Gals Month

Our wish for 2023 is for you to find inspiration in all aspects of your life. That’s why we’re kicking off the new year with our inspiring collection of books, podcast episodes, and clubs. See what’s new at the library on First Friday, January 6, from 12pm-9pm. We’re open late and hoping to inspire you! […]

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Galentine’s Goddess Brunch 2023

We’ve SOLD OUT – but there is a waitlist Text your besties because Galentine’s hosted by Gals Guide Library is back! Get your tickets before they sell out (again). Gals Guide is hosting all-ages Galentines to a delicious and empowering brunch. This year we are celebrating the Goddess we are, and the Goddess that surround […]

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Oh My, How We Have Grown

Oh My, How We Have Grown! In December, I think many of us find ourselves reflecting over accomplishments of the previous year. I often do this on New Year’s Eve; my husband, Tom, and I chat over dinner and drinks about memorable events that stood out for us in the previous twelve months. Once I […]

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2023 Calendar

01 January Theme: Inspirational Gals Monday’s new Gal’s Guide Podcast episodes Wednesday’s Writer’s Galaxy Saturday’s Tara Circle 02 February Theme: Culinary Gals Monday’s new Gal’s Guide Podcast episodes Wednesday’s Writer’s Galaxy Saturday’s Tara Circle 03 March Theme: Librarians Monday’s new Gal’s Guide Podcast episodes Wednesday’s Writer’s Galaxy Saturday’s Tara Circle 04 April Theme: Poetry Gals […]