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In the last episode of season 4, the Gal Pals talk about the writer/director duo The Wachowskis. Leah slightly holds back her geekiness for the Matrix films in this episode but only because we have Film Club on December 1 to talk about it all the more! Show Notes & Extras Image About The Gal’s […]

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Sci-Fi Gals Month

Get ready for some out-of-this-world adventures because we’re learning about Sci-Fi Gals! See what’s new at the library on First Friday, November 4, from 12pm-9pm. The Library Gals will be dressed up in Sci-Fi costumes. Got a sci-fi cosplay? Come on up to the Gal’s Guide Library! We’ll have prizes! Did you know that our […]

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Witches Month

Grab your brooms ladies, because we’re talking about witches this month! The library is a buzz with stories about fictional witches, historical witches, those accused of being witches, and modern-day witches. See what’s new at the library on First Friday, October 7, from 12pm-9pm. We’re open late and expecting a few spooky guests. It is […]

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Film Club

Leah Leach is our resident movie geek. With a background of working in movie theaters, video stores, and 18 years behind the camera, she’s got a knack for picking an interesting movie to talk about. And we don’t care about the first rule of Fight Club, the first rule of Film Club is: You talk […]