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100th Episode of the Gal’s Guide Podcast

We did the math and if you subtract our flashback episodes and the audiobook chapters of Frankenstein and Kristin Lavansdatter this is our 100th Gal’s Guide episode!!! It’s also the last episode of Season 2! 

Leah, Katie, and Bonnie could have done a full retrospective but it’s been a hell of a year so they wanted to have some fun and play a game. So to celebrate our 100th episode the Gal Pals play a hilarious card game called Play The Patriarchy. 

Show Notes

  • It’s our 100th episode!
  • To celebrate we’re playing a card game called Play the Patriarchy (Amazon) (Reductress)
  • Favorite games
  • “I’m an athlete of movie trivia” Leah Leach
  • We mention a lot of games
  • 9 minutes in we start playing Play the Patriarchy
  • “Things that make you cry”
  • “That’s a man for ya”
  • “Biggest regret”
  • “Name of a book, probally”
  • “Fun, I guess”
  • “Why you’re late for work”
  • “Something you pretend to hate”
  • “Huge turn on”
  • “The perfect night”
  • “Life changing experience”
  • “One good reason to stay hydratted”
  • “Fuckboi behavior”
  • “Worst nightmare”
  • “Things that make you say ‘hell ya!'”
  • “What is aspirational AF?”
  • Little retrospective of Season 1 & 2
  • Thanks
  • Season 3 starts in January our cool thing will be about rebel gals


About The Gal’s Guide Podcast

What if you could only share 1 cool thing about a topic? Would it be about ancient history? Would it be breaking news? Would it be safe for work? A group of gals gathers to present to you one cool thing on topics like painting, gaming, movies, music and more.

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