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History Faire

Calling all history cosplayers (this is a thing, right?)

Hamilton County is celebrating its bicentennial. Let’s put on a fun science fair with a history flare!

We’re looking for awesome people to research a person from Ham Co, create a presentation board, and dress up as their person for the Gal’s Guide History Faire.

Wait! Before you are like, ewe, there are amazing prizes!

  • Be on a podcast!
  • Free ice cream!
  • $125 worth of Marker’s Playground access!
  • Deluxe sewing kit!
  • Golden Volcano!

Just a second

Hear us out…



First of all, you’re amazing. Has anyone told you lately that you’re the best kid ever? Want to flaunt your posterboard skillz like the influencer you are? Show off your content creation to your followers and to the public. Plus, did you see the prizes? Free ice cream!



You might have everything you need to win already sitting in your costume closet. Find an amazing Ham Co peep to cosplay and you could be adding another costume option in your arsenal of awesomeness!



Don’t worry about what your kids say about you, you are totally the best parent ever! BPE for sure! Want extra brownie points with your littles? Sign up for the Gal’s Guide History Faire and show your kids how ridiculous and cool a school project for adults can be. Plus there are prizes for you to split with the family (or not, we won’t tell anyone.)


Grown Peeps

Did you think we would forget your fantastic adults who want to show the world your research and costuming skills? Never! Who says costumes are just for Halloween? Who says tri-fold boards are just for 5th Graders? Not at Gal’s Guide! We’re all about presenting history is inventive and fun ways. Come show us your history flare!

What’s Involved?

Pick a person or event that has ties to Hamilton County. It could be a person who lived here, someone you are related to, or someone who visited here. It could also be an event like the Great Squirrel Stampede of 1822 or the Gas Boom of Hamilton County in 1887.

Register to be a participant. Even if you are not sure who you are going to research. We’ll help with a list of ideas and a researcher.

Info session & material pickup

July 8 from 1pm-2pm at Gal’s Guide Library. We’ll have a FREE tri-fold board for you, access to researchers, lists of Ham Co Peeps to choose, as well as research books available for free checkout. Register today and you’ll get an email reminder about the info session and material pickup.

History Faire Day

July 22 from 1pm-4pm is the Gal’s Guide History Fair Day. We’ll be in the Nickel Plate Arts Gallery, 107 S. 8th Street, Noblesville. We’ll provide tables, chairs, snacks, and water to all registered participants.

The faire is open to all to attend and learn about the amazing Ham Co peeps past and present.

Prizes will be given out during the event at 3pm.


Time for the boring stuffz….

  1. Prizes are in 5 categories – Best Kids Board, Best Adult Board, Best Kids Costume, Best Adult Costume, and Best of the Faire.
    • Registered kids and adults are both eligible for Best of the Faire.
    • Kids prizes are for registered kids aged 10-17
    • Adult prizes are for registered adults aged 18+
    • Prizes are awarded during the event, must be present to win.
  2. Gal’s Guide full-time staff is ineligible for prizes.
  3. Registration for entry in the Gal’s Guide History Faire is free and available at
  4. The presentation board and costume need to have a tie to Hamilton County; past or present.
  5. This event is thanks to a grant from the Hamilton County Bicentennial Commission
  6. This event is organized by Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy

Questions email us at

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