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Thank You to My Sisters

THANK YOU to all my sisters who are marching in Washington DC this weekend (over 40 of my friends at last count.)

Thank you for taking time off of work, even as we fight for fair pay and representation.
… for taking your children, your grandchildren with you, encouraging them on the long path which will continue beyond us.
… for those who are kicking the hornet’s nest, well aware that detainment or arrest will endanger more than a single day.
Thank you to my Native American friends who are exhausted from endless and continuing injustice from our nation.
… to my Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, atheists, and other spiritual friends who easily understand that ALL religions are centered around love and reciprocity.
… to my friends of every race, every color, and varied homelands who face discrimination from every angle, including as a woman.
…to my passionate LGBTQ tribe, who continue to live their lives out loud, with stark bravery.
…to my disabled friends who made the trip uncomplaining, even though it’s markedly more difficult for them.
Thank you to my friends who have suffered from rape, assault and violence, yet still braved the crowds and the potential for another portion of hate.
…to my friends who understand caring for Mother Earth and how she cares for us.
And thank you to every author, singer, actor, artist, and celebrity who humbly lends their voice to the cause.

I am so proud of every single one of my friends and acquaintances who have stepped out, raised their voice, joined hands, and refused to be divided by political differences, race, income level, cultural background, lifestyle, gossip, or divided by a tyrant.

I am proud to count you as friends. Stay safe, stay strong, and return with honor.


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