Content Creators Needed

Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy is pleased to announce in 2017 we’re focusing our mission on providing needed content alongside our monthly social meet-up. We are all busy and we are all searching for more wisdom. We still hope you’ll check our monthly meeting but we also want to provide you with informative articles, videos, and podcast to enjoy at your leisure—and share.

We’re re-branding our mission to be Your Source for Feminine Wisdom. We will provide multimedia education about the lives of women. Our mission is to promote and improve the exposure of diverse female voices who showcase the multi-faceted paths of feminine wisdom.

We are creating content with the focus of art, culture, history, and science.Interested in participating? Join a Committee!

For Gal’s Guide to reach its goal to be Your Source for Feminine Wisdom, we need to create diverse content. We are seeking content creators to join a committee to brainstorm and create articles, videos, podcasts, or events.

Committee members would submit ideas for content and vote on which content to be created. Content would be assigned by the committee leader. All content creators would be given credit.

Seeking Leadership: 
Visual Arts
Women of Color
Female History
Mental Health

Seeking Members: 
Media Literacy
Special Needs (adults & children)

Interested? Email for more information

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