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Pain Is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

First Episode of Laughing Lama in the Library Laughing “Lama” in the Library on the Gal’s Guide Podcast Channel ABOUT: Dr. Leah Leach is the founder of the Gal’s Guide Library. From time to time she will share some seeds of wisdom that bloomed for her in hopes that they will bloom for you as […]

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Leah wraps up folk tale & myth month with the female Buddha’s of wisdom. Known in Tibetan Buddhism as Dakinis, Leah talks about how this fierce female drinks from a skull cup, stands on her own ego and cuts you free from the thing that makes you unhappy. Show Notes & Extras Gal Pals this […]

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Female Filmmaker Looks at La La Land

Notice: There are NO plot spoilers. I do mention some detail about the movie but nothing that would ruin the story itself. The holidays are over, the days are getting longer and the super bowl has come and gone. Everyone is waiting in bated breath for the next big thing and that can only mean […]


Content Creators Needed

Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy is pleased to announce in 2017 we’re focusing our mission on providing needed content alongside our monthly social meet-up. We are all busy and we are all searching for more wisdom. We still hope you’ll check our monthly meeting but we also want to provide you with informative articles, videos, […]