26 Movies About Female Friendships

Support systems come in many varieties, one of which that can last a lifetime is friendships. A true friend can tell you when you have toilet paper stuck to your shoe and not set you into a shame spiral. They can tell you the truth even when it might hurt. A long-lasting friendship will have ups … Continue reading 26 Movies About Female Friendships


The Last Jedi Controversy

Saw The Last Jedi again. When my favorite line was uttered the guy in front of me turned to his friend and said, “This is bullshit.” I want to say I don’t get this polarizing love/hate with The Last Jedi but I actually do. A movie experience is personal and you get out of it … Continue reading The Last Jedi Controversy

Beth Frear – Mini-Cast – Your Gal Friday

The gals are preparing for their first in studio guest! Author and photographer, Beth Frear will join Your Gal Friday next week. Until then, here is a mini-cast of their preparation and excitement. https://youtu.be/zj3fCClqsVQ SUPPORT US ON PATREON Like what we do? Want more? On our Patreon page you can get access to more content and early … Continue reading Beth Frear – Mini-Cast – Your Gal Friday

Kate’s Take Top 5 Films Directed By Women

Kate celebrates Directed By Women Awareness Month by looking at her top 5 films directed by women that influenced her life. https://youtu.be/xszA0pFhEoE   ABOUT Each month filmmaker & author, Kate Chaplin dissects a movie that has inspires her life for good, bad or ugly and shows you the universal messages hidden within. Like on Facebook. Follow … Continue reading Kate’s Take Top 5 Films Directed By Women