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Book Signing Rachel Lulich

Gal’s Guide is so excited to host the author of the Fractured Galaxy Trilogy, Rachel Lulich! She is bringing all 3 amazing sci-fi books to sign at the Gal’s Guide Library. Come support this amazing Bloomington, Indiana author. Makes an out-of-this-world gift! Saturday December 10, 2022 2pm – 4pm Gal’s Guide Library 107 S. 8th […]

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In the last episode of season 4, the Gal Pals talk about the writer/director duo The Wachowskis. Leah slightly holds back her geekiness for the Matrix films in this episode but only because we have Film Club on December 1 to talk about it all the more! Show Notes & Extras Image About The Gal’s […]

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Sheri S. Tepper

The Gal Pals learn their Star Wars name before diving into the amazing second career for Sheri S. Tepper. Author of Gate to Women’s Country, Grass and 57 more books! Show Notes & Extras Image About The Gal’s Guide Podcast What if you could only share 1 cool thing about a topic? Would it be […]

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Kate Mulgrew

Bonnie starts off Sci-Fi Gals Month with a Captain who is very close to our hearts, Captain Janeway! Learn about the incredible adventures of Kate Mulgrew. Show Notes & Extras Image About The Gal’s Guide Podcast What if you could only share 1 cool thing about a topic? Would it be about ancient history? Would […]

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Sci-Fi Gals Month

Get ready for some out-of-this-world adventures because we’re learning about Sci-Fi Gals! See what’s new at the library on First Friday, November 4, from 12pm-9pm. The Library Gals will be dressed up in Sci-Fi costumes. Got a sci-fi cosplay? Come on up to the Gal’s Guide Library! We’ll have prizes! Did you know that our […]

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Dr. Katie Bouman

It’s the start of Photography Month at Gal’s Guide and Bonnie starts us off with an image that took thousands of terabytes of data to produce – it’s the first image of a black hole! Bonnie talks about Dr. Katie Bouman the adorkable face of the team that made the impossible, possible! Show Notes & […]

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Cecilia Payne – Gaposchkin

It’s the start of Explorer Gals Month and Katie brought us a mountain cookie, Amy reminds us that no one knows how to pee in public anymore, and Bonnie tells us about a gal who was so smart she was kicked out of school. Explore outer space with astronomer Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin.  Show Notes & Extras […]

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Sailor Moon

Get ready to defend the Earth with Sailor Moon and her Sailor Scouts. Our gal-pals however are really drunk at this point making this episode an hilarious journey of space cats, Dragonballs and being pissed off at Dora the Explorer. Show Notes Images Videos Support the Show Like what we do? Want more? On our Patreon […]

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Boldly Go! Interview with Lisa Meece, CEO of Starbase Indy

So many of us are more than one thing. In our second only interview, Gal’s Guide sat down with the CEO of Starbase Indy, Lisa Meece to get to know the 360 degrees of Lisa. This amazing gal found her people at Star Trek convention and not only became the CEO but runs a variety of […]

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Mae Jemison

Lisa gets us to look up to the stars and get our imaginations ready to boldly go! Lisa’s 1 Cool STEM Thing is about the first African-American woman in space, Mae Jemison. We also talk about what sci-fi book or movie we would want the future to be like. YouTube Version Show Notes & Extras […]