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Sci-Fi Gals Month

Get ready for some out-of-this-world adventures because we’re learning about Sci-Fi Gals! See what’s new at the library on First Friday, November 4, from 12pm-9pm. The Library Gals will be dressed up in Sci-Fi costumes. Got a sci-fi cosplay? Come on up to the Gal’s Guide Library! We’ll have prizes! Did you know that our […]

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October Meeting

It’s #G3CostumeMonth and we’re honored to be joined by fashion designer Catherine Fritsch. Catherine is the owner of Mercurious Designs and a designer at Rue Violet. She has an extensive resume of costumes for stage performances, mascots, and she even worked as a seamstress for the Superbowl with Madonna!  Join us in talking about the creative process of […]