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Book Signing Rachel Lulich

Gal’s Guide is so excited to host the author of the Fractured Galaxy Trilogy, Rachel Lulich! She is bringing all 3 amazing sci-fi books to sign at the Gal’s Guide Library.

Come support this amazing Bloomington, Indiana author. Makes an out-of-this-world gift!


December 10, 2022

2pm – 4pm

Gal’s Guide Library

107 S. 8th Street


Second Floor of the Nickel Plate Arts Campus

Physical Books – $15 each or all 3 for $40

Ebooks $5 each (retail $6.99) or all 3 for $12

Patches $10 each or all 3 for $25

Coins $15 each or all 3 for $40

Art Prints (5″x7″) $5 each or 5 for $20

A bundle of 3 books, 3 patches, and 3 coins $100 (retail value $120.85)

A small percentage of sales at the Library will go to Gal’s Guide Library & Nickel Plate Arts.

About the Book 1

Random Walk

Three Astronauts. One Impossible Journey.

On a clear Florida morning, three astronauts launch on a mission to test the Air Force’s experimental new Hawking Engine. But the engine malfunctions just days after launch, hurtling the crew into the unknown.

In an instant, their mission changes from research to survival. The crew must rely on their wits, training, and each other—and hope their friends on Earth don’t give up on them—in this riveting first installment of the Fractured Galaxy trilogy.

About the Book 2

The Ethics of Hope

Jacob froze. Something was very wrong.

It’s been weeks since the Pioneer’s experimental Hawking Engine malfunctioned. Stranded in uncharted space and cut off from Earth, crewmembers Derek, Jacob and Vicky struggle to survive in the damaged spacecraft and hold onto the impossible hope that they will make it home.

Hundreds of lightyears away, their friends and colleagues on Earth work against the odds to overcome the very real limits of their technology and make a way for the crew to return. But not everyone is convinced the mission is worth the resources, and tensions mount in this captivating sequel to Random Walk.

About the Book 3

Standard Candles

Never give up. Even when there’s no way home.

Stranded. Alone. With dwindling oxygen supplies and an unfinished navigation program that was a long shot at best, Derek, Jacob, and Vicky must work against the odds—and the clock—if they are to make it home.

But home doesn’t hold out much hope for them. The spaceflight supervisors face the loss of their jurisdiction over the mission and Bravo Crew is fighting a losing battle to stay focused on a rescue effort they can no longer pretend to control.

The astronauts’ natural optimism and practiced ingenuity has kept them alive so far, but you can’t breathe optimism, and ingenuity can’t work miracles.

In this crucial finale to the Fractured Galaxy trilogy, Derek, Jacob, and Vicky are determined to make every moment count—before it’s their last.

About the Author

Rachel Lulich is a writer, adventurer, and Air Force veteran. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Rachel has traveled extensively and lived in several countries. When she’s not out exploring the world herself, she likes creating worlds for other people to enjoy.

Rachel has an MA in Book Publishing, and has been published by GateWorld, Every Day Fiction, WordPress Theatrical and others. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, Rachel now lives in Indiana, where she enjoys volunteering with the Civil Air Patrol, watching movies, and of course, reading.

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