18 Amazing Gardens

We've collected 18 awe-inspiring public gardens from around the world that you can visit on your next getaway. Public gardens are wonderful for those who lack a green thumb but want to enjoy the awe and splendor of a flora and fauna. They are also great for those who garden and want to not only … Continue reading 18 Amazing Gardens


Gardening Lesson Plans

We're so excited about our visit from Farmer Christina for our April meeting. We collected some great Life Lab gardening lesson plans for either parents or teachers to get elementary kids excited about nature and food. These are great to explore after the meeting of if you are outside our tiny sphere of the galaxy. … Continue reading Gardening Lesson Plans

Women of Science Presentation in Farmington Hills, MI

We're on the road! We'll be presenting our interactive Women of Science game at the Center of Secular Humanism, Birmingham Temple on March 18. Hosted by Humanists of Southeast Michigan, come learn about the amazing women of all fields of science. Their stories and innovations will astonish and inspire you. March 18 12:30pm-2pm Center for … Continue reading Women of Science Presentation in Farmington Hills, MI