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Women Get Sh!t Done – actionable next steps

The record-breaking Women’s March has energized a crowd of women who are looking for actionable next steps. We don’t claim to have all the answers but our gals have added many, if not most, of these action items to their monthly To-Do list.

Check Your Mindset

Ask Questions. In order to heal the divide in our country, we need to start listening to each other.  Rather than arguing your opinion or posting another pre-made meme, ask honest questions. And then, rather than listening to respond, just listen. Ask clarifying questions, if you must, but avoid trying to rebut their answers. Thank them for their insight and end the conversation.

Someday they might reciprocate with a question and you might have earned their attention. Either way you’ve gained more information and someone else’s point of view.

Subscribe to a legitimate newspaper. We need quality reporting from unbiased sources and newspapers need our support. We recommend The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and even the Indianapolis Star.

Go High

Pause Before You Click. Try very, very hard to only report factual information online and off.  Be skeptical before you share a meme or rumor. Search out additional sources before sharing.  We have to remain vigilant at truth telling.

Add Your Voice. Write a letter to the editor or op-ed. Call out wrong facts.

Share your story or experience so people can see a friendly face attached to faceless issues.

Stay outraged but don’t overreact. Don’t let corrupt behavior become normalized but don’t indulge in unnecessary hysterics. We’re all emotionally invested in the atrocities but people often shut down when faced with outburst.

Focus Your Efforts

Pick Your Battles. Assess the issues and determine which ones speak to your heart. It could be violence against women, reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, immigration reform, environmental concerns, or anything else that touches your heart. Become an expert and make your case at every opportunity.

Check Your Complaining. When you find yourself complaining about a topic more than once, ask yourself what you want to be done about it.  Then go ask, demand, organize, or attack in order to get it done. Add your voice to the conversation. Concentrate your efforts.

Be the Squeaky Wheel

One of the reasons the Republican party overtook all three branches of government is because the Tea Party activists stormed town halls and city councils, pressuring government officials to align to the Tea Party goals.

Sometimes pressing “send” isn’t enough. In order to get the attention of decision-makers, sometimes we are forced outside our comfort zone. Don’t just send an email because it’s easier. Make the hard investment as well.

Show up. Make your presence known at town hall meetings, city councils, school board meetings, and any public meeting where lawmakers and decision makers gather. Pay attention and take note of policies you disagree with.

Register to Vote. If you aren’t already, make sure you are registered to vote. Then vote in EVERY election. Many people think voting in presidential election is the most important option but the most crucial decisions are made at the local and community level.

Start Local by finding your Congressional representative. If you live in the 5th Congressional district of Indiana (Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and most northeast suburbs), your representative is:

Susan W Brooks (R)

5th District Offices
11611 N. Meridian Street
Suite 415
Carmel, IN 46032


Ring Them Up. Add these names to your speed dial:

  • Joe Donnelly   (202) 224-4814
  • Todd Young   (202) 224-5623

Email Your State Senators.

Send Then Some Mail. Add these addresses to your mailing list. Send postcards regularly, highlighting an issue which is important to you:

Joe Donnelly (D)
720 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Todd Young (R)
B33 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Social Media Shoutouts. Speak publicly to your representatives through Twitter or their Facebook page.




G3 Specific Action

Borrow our Platform. Do you have thoughts or reactions to recent events but hate getting in arguments with your family and friends online? G3 has created content committees and we’re always looking for guest writers and blog posts. We’d be happy to have you share your thoughts with our audience.

 Get Your Fresh News Here.  Are you signed up for our monthly newsletter? We will be sharing authenticated news and original writings via our newsletter and blog. Make sure you are signed up for email delivery and invite a friend to sign up as well.

Get out! Come to one of our monthly meetings, held the last of Thursday of each month. Community and connection are the hallmarks of a healthy life of activism.

Make Us Smile. Did you know you can donate via Amazon Smile to the Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy? Learn how to donate here: donate/amazon smile 

Mark Your Calendars. March 18th, 2017 is International Women’s Day and while we don’t have any plans finalized, there is no doubt it will be celebrations galore, around the city and beyond.


Come along side. You don’t have reinvent the wheel if you are looking for online or real-life communities. There are numerous communities in addition to Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Check out a few of these women-centric groups and add your support.

Consider demonstrating again…and again. The Women’s March was just a starting point. There will other important moments to march and protest. Keep your eyes open for more ways to show up in person.

There are tentative plans to march at local IRS offices on April 15th, 2017 to protest the lack of Trump’s transparency with his personal taxes.

In Conclusion

Very little of this is about opposing Trump directly. If he is ever removed from office and/or Pence is elevated to President, it’s obvious there’ll still be work to do. Considering adding one…ten…or all of these actionable items to your To-Do list.

Share what your plans are for the upcoming months. How can we support you as well?

One reply on “Women Get Sh!t Done – actionable next steps”

Giving into the fear and backing down isn’t an option. Saturday proved that we have the power to make change when we stand together. The what next is getting involved by making phone calls, sending emails and faxes, and showing up at local meeting. It means running for local offices and supporting local representatives. It also means holding local and state representative accountable for their actions and what they cause to happen. If there is an issue in your state broadcast it. Public pressure does make a difference.

The more we do the faster change will happen. Removing Trump from office will put Pence in, which means that we will have to get the both at once or expect a longer fight.

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