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6 Drunk (Her)story Worth Seeing

As you may know, Drunk History is a hilarious yet informative show on Comedy Central. Starting as a web series in 2007, the premise of the show is that your story teller is very drunk but they are telling you about a true moment in history. The reenactments incorporate the drunk storyteller foibles and the cameos are amazing.

Here are 6 clips of the fantastic gals they have talked about as well as a list of more ladies of history that have appeared on the show.

1. Harriet Tubman

2. Ella Fitzgerald & Marilyn Monroe

marilyn & Ella

3. Sybil Ludington

4. Frances Cleveland

5. Claudette Colvin & Rosa Parks

6. Julia Child


New – Rose Valland

New – Gloria Steinem

New – Gwendolyn Sanders

New – Nichelle Nichols

New – Judy Heumann

Full Episodes are available on Hulu and Comedy Central.

More Gal’s

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