A Rose By Any Other Name

On Your Gal Friday episode, Phoebe and I talked about amazing Julia Child. Among her many accolades was having a rose named after her. I mentioned (without out really thinking about it too much) that I would love to have one. Well, a few months later, for my birthday, my husband gifted me not only a Julia Child rose but a Frida Kahlo rose bush. That got me thinking what other roses are named after amazing gals of the galaxy?

Tiny history

The first ever rose to be named after a person was Dorothy Perkins (also known as the Rambling Rose). Charles Perkins named the rose after his great-granddaughter and the rose won first prize at the Royal National Rose Society in 1908.

Roses Named After Famous Women

judy dench rose

Dame Judy Dench – Actress

Diana, Princess of Wales – British Royalty

Empress Josephine – Wife of Napoleon I

Ingrid Bergman – Actress

Anna Pavolva – Famous Russian Ballet Dancer

Natasha Richardson – Actress

Queen Elizabeth Rose (Wikimedia Commons)

Queen Elizabeth

Grace Kelly – Princess of Monaco & Actress

Jane Austen – Author

Ann Boleyn – one of Henry VIII wives

Audrey Hepburn – Actress

Barbra Streisand – Singer & Actress

Julia Child Rose (Wikimedia Commons)

Julia Child – Chef

Betty White – Actress

Doris Day – Actress

Elizabeth Taylor – Actress

Gertrude Jekyll – British Gardener

Gina Lollobrigida – Italian Actress

Marilyn Monroe Rose (Wikimedia Commons)

Marilyn Monroe – Actress

Frida Kahlo – Painter

Octavia Hill – Social Reformer

Emily Carr – Author & Artist

Princess Aiko – Japanese Royalty

Queen Christina of Sweden 

judy garland
Judy Garland Rose (Flickr)

Judy Garland – Actress

Vanessa Bell – Artist & Designer

Dolly Parton – Singer & Actress

Lynn Anderson – Country Singer

Agatha Christie – Author

Reba McEntire – Singer

Marie Curie Rose (Wikipedia Commons)

Marie Curie – Scientist

Florence Nightingale – Nurse

Amelia Earhart – Aviator


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