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Janet Guthrie – Your Gal Friday

Today we are talking about a gal whose drive for adventure, speed and adrenaline placed her in the record books to be the first woman at the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500. Believe it or not racing was her back up choice she had her sights on something much faster. Today we’re talking about the life and legacy of your gal, Janet Guthrie.

Learn About Janet in Less Than 2 Minutes

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Show Notes & Extra’s

  • Brief History of NASCAR.
  • The rules of NASCAR.
  • Women in NASCAR before Janet. There were 3!! Sara Christian, Louise Smith, and Ethel Mobley
  • We misspoke Sara Christian is the first woman in NASCAR.
Sara Christian, 1949. Finished 14th. Great article about the first NASCAR Race can be found here.
  • Where Janet grew up.
  • Both of her parents were pilots. Aviation was her first love.
  • Graduating University of Michigan with a degree in Physics.
  • Working at Republic Aviation.


  • Applying for the NASA Astronaut-Scientist program.
  • Getting into car racing with her Jaguar XK 140.
  • Sexism she faced getting into NASCAR in 1976.
  • The first woman in Daytona 500.

janet guthrie (1)

Supersisters Trading Card Series
  • Janet’s own words on her legacy.
  • Phoebe talks about what she learned from Janet.
  • Leah encourages all of us to financially support women in all careers. “The final gatekeeper for women, is money.”

YGF Season 2 Memes


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Your Gal Friday is a weekly podcast about female leaders, innovators and rule breakers.  Your hosts, Dr. Leah Leach & Ms. Phoebe Frear, talk about the life and legacy about a gal as well as what they have learned from her.

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