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Babe Didrikson Zaharias – Your Gal Friday

Today we are talking about a gal who had amazing success in golf, basketball, and track and field. But it doesn’t stop there. She also played baseball, billiards, and bowling. All these events at a time when women were discouraged to compete. ESPN ranked her in the top 10 of most important athletes of the 20th century, Today we’re talking about the life and legacy of your gal, Babe Didrikson Zaharias.

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Show Notes & Extra’s:

babe basketball

  • How many times did she win All-American?
  • What sports did she play on basketball’s offseason?
  • Did Babe play in the Olympics?
  • Did she trash-talk to psych out her competitors?
  • Where her Olympic medal contested?


  • Why was keeping amateur status so important?
  • Did Babe perform at the Chicago Palace Theater?
  • Did Babe play billiards with Ruth McGinnis?
  • Was a basketball team created for her to tour America?
  • Did they play against the Harlem Globetrotters?
  • Who was the one non-bearded gal in the House of David baseball team?

babe house of david

  • How obsessive was she at getting good at golf?
  • Did Babe work the crowd during what was known as a “quiet sport”?
  • Was Babe pressured into being more “ladylike?”
  • Did Babe compete in the Men’s PGA?
  • When did Babe meet George Zaharias?

babe golf fun

  • Did Babe ever meet Babe Ruth?
  • Did she win 82 golf tournaments and 4 World Championships?
  • Was she the reason the LPGA was created?
  • Was Babe gay?
  • Did Babe buy a golf course and make it her home?
  • Was Babe in Pat and Mike?

Pat and Mike

  • When did Babe get diagnosed with colon cancer?
  • What was her biggest thrill in sports?
  • Did she ever write a book?
  • Was Babe only 45 years old when she died?
  • What legacy do Phoebe and Leah think Babe left behind?
  • What did Phoebe and Leah learn from Babe?

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