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Gal’s Guide NEWS for June 14 (brought to you by unicorns)

News and updates from the Gal’s Guide Library and Research Center for June 14, 2019. Brought to you by Unicorns.

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Show Notes:

  • First edition of the Gal’s Guide NEWS.
  • North. East, South, West are directions on our compass logo but can also be moved around to spell NEWS. (We’re so punny).
  • Brought to you by unicorns.
  • Library NEWS
  • Current book collection can be found here.

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Social Media 323 in 2018

  • 20 Books we are looking for in LGBTQ Pride Month.
  • Research NEWS
  • Start your week off by downloading the Gal’s Guide Podcast and you’ll never have a case of the Monday’s!
  • End the work week with Flashback Friday that ties into the cool thing of the week.
  • Check out our research discoveries!
  • Podcast Updates
  • Remember our Amy Sherald episode? There is a new picture book coming out called Parker Looks Up. Pre order on Amazon (don’t forget Amazon Smile to support Gal’s Guide!)
  • Gal’s Guide Shop! New Arrival! Period Power.

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  • Next Monday is Bonnie’s 1 Cool Thing!
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