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All about the books and the gals who write them. Lisa Leo is back controlling the time machine and joined by gal-pals Dr. Leah Leach and Bonnie Fillenwarth to talk autobiographies on famous ladies, and fiction authors J.K. Rowling and Beth Frear.  Who’s your favorite #BookGal?

Your Host: Lisa Leo
Gal Pals: Dr. Leah Leach and Bonnie Fillenwarth

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  • The opening quote is by Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Toni Morisson.

Monday Motivational 2018 (2)

  • Acknowledgments – The gals talk about their favorite authors. Leah’s is Debra A. Kemp, Bonnie has a list. Lisa goes old school.

Article and Event Headers (1)

  • Chapter 1Her Life, Her Words: a list of women’s autobiographies, memoirs.
  • Which ones have you read?
  • Which ones would you recommend that aren’t on the list?

Alice Guy Blance (2)

  • Chapter 2 – J.K. Rowling 
  • What was your favorite fact you learned about Joanne?
  • During the process of writing Harry Potter, she wrote the last chapter of the final book ahead of time so she had something to work towards. What do you think of her writing style?
  • If you could shadow her for a day what would you hope to learn from her?
  • What was your impression of her Harvard commencement speech?

Alice Guy Blance (2)

  • Chapter 3Beth Frear
  • Have you read her books?
  • Beth found inspiration for her writing in online gaming. If you were to write where do you believe your strongest inspiration would come from?
  • If you could shadow Beth for a day what would you like to learn from her?
  • To be continued…The gals continue next week with our Time Travel segment and Deep Space Exploration segment.

Gal's Guide (2)


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Hosted by Lisa Leo.

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