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Gal’s Guide Podcast – Willis Richardson

This week Edan keeps her 1 Cool Black History Thing all in the family. Edan shares the amazing life and legacy of her Great-Grandfather Willis Richardson, a playwright who was the first African-American to have a non-musical production on Broadway. His plays live on today in museums and on stage. Learn all about this amazing guy this week on the Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy Podcast episode #16.

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Show Notes

  • This month’s Gal Pals are Kim Thatcher, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Edan Evans de Roziere, and Rebecca Berfanger.
  • Get-to-know-you question: If you could meet any person of American history who would it be?
  • Some of the answers mentioned are Sojourner Truth, Abraham Lincoln, Josephine Baker, Bayard Rustin, and James Baldwin.
  • Edan’s 1 cool thing is her Great-Grandfather, the playwright, Willis Richardson.
Willis Richardson 2
Willis Richardson


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