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Mary Wells Lawrence

Plop, plop, fizz, fizz oh what a relief it is that Gal’s Guide Podcast is back! This week Katie brings to the table the trailblazer in the advertising world who was reasonable for the famous Alka Seltzer ad, Mary Wells Lawrence.  Joined by Dr. Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth and Kami Leach the gals talk about the ad that convinces them to buy things (listen in Facebook) and the oh too real work-life-kids balance. Get ready for this Mad Woman of the advertising world.

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Show Notes & Extras:

  • This month’s Gal Pals are Dr. Leah Leach, Katie Harris, Bonnie Fillenwarth and 16-year-old Kami Leach (yes, she’s Leah’s daughter).
  • The previous episode was Miss Representation
  • Get-to-know-you-question: What is something you bought simply because an ad convinced you?
  • Why does food look so good in ads?


  • Training Facebook ads
  • South Park James Cameron Song. 
  • Katie’s 1 Cool Advertising Thing is ad agency CEO Mary Wells Lawrence
  • Born in Ohio in 1928
  • Did some acting classes before making it to NYC
  • She was in the Thinker Tinker Tank
  • Her biography (that we would LOVE to have in the library) is A Big Life (in advertising).

A Big Life

  • Mary pulled an Elizabeth Taylor.
  • When she wasn’t going to be promoted to President, she started her own ad agency.
  • She became the first female CEO of a company traded on the NY Stock exchange in 1968.
  • Plop, plop, fizz, fizz.
  • I Heart NY (here is more on how the art design came to be)
  • Why fly in a plain plane?
  • Mary was named Advertising Woman of the Year in 1971.
  • Mary’s philosophy on work-homelife balance.
  • A glimpse of how Mary’s work-life impacted her daughters.
  • We’d love to have Mary’s biography at the library! Consider a donation to Gal’s Guide or become a patron.


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