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Evolution of Sci-Fi Fandom

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On November 10, Gal’s Guide collaborated with Starbase Indy and the Center for Inquiry to host an event during the Spirit & Place Festival 2019.

To tie into the R/Evolution theme of the festival, our event was the Evolution of Sci-Fi Fandom with a panel discussion.

Our panel was moderated by Lisa Meece, the CEO of Starbase Indy. Panelists included fantasy and horror author Maurice Broaddus, Starbase Indy Organizer Miranda Montooth, and Gal’s Guide Executive Director Dr. Leah Leach.

The panel discusses geeky creators, the importance of belonging to a community and the power of sci-fi literature and media. We also talk about white supremacists infiltrating geek spaces, trolling, the Hugos Sad Puppies and problematic creators like H.P. Lovecraft.

Our event was nominated for an Award of Awesomeness by Spirit & Place.

Recorded Live in front of a live audience at the Center for Inquiry.

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Get your drinks ready because Season 2 of the Gal’s Guide Podcast pours into your ears on January 6th. Research topic – First Ladies!

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