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Library Pop-Up Crowdfunder

Let’s Make History!!! ​

We are starting an epic crowdfunder to open the first independent women’s history library in the United States!

Can you believe there isn’t a women’s history library where you can browse the stacks and check out a book?!

With your help, we can change that!

We can do it

Gal’s Guide has collected over 1,300 women’s history books, released 150 podcast episodes, presented to thousands of people with our message, “We care about women’s history, so we share women’s history.”

Because it will take us a few years to open the library full time, we’ve got our sights on a month-long pop-up location in Indianapolis, Indiana. That way we can test our concept, prove there is a strong need, and provide an excellent destination pilgrimage during the best month of the year March’s Women’s History Month!

Our video & perks are out-of-this-world and on



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