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Mary Ainsworth

Katie talks about a gal who went to college at age 16 and became a renowned child psychologist. Learn about the bonds between infants and care-givers because of the work of Mary Ainsworth. The gal pals also talk about donating their body to science or becoming a diamond, a coral reef, a tree or a record!

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  • Attachment theory
  • Background on Mary going from America to Canada
  • Pop Quiz! Who was the U.S. President in 1913
  • Mary was an early reader of “appropriate books”
  • Mary’s mom was jealous that Mary was close to her father
  • Maybe that’s why Mary’s research later was too focused on the mother?
  • CLARIFICATION: The book was Character and the Conduct of Life: Practical Psychology for Everyman by William McDougall
  • Mary went to college at age 16


  • Dissertation “An Evaluation of Adjustment Based on the Concept of Security” (Google Book Link)
  • Canadian Women’s Army Corps 1942
  • Taught personality psychology in Toronto
  • Rorschach Test! (More info on the Rorschach Inkblot test from Very Well Mind)
  • London! Uganda!
  • Naturalistic study on the attachment of infants and mothers in Uganda
  • Mary’s Book Infancy in Uganda (Amazon Smile)
  • Back in the U.S.A
  • Trying to get a promotion at Johns Hopkins


  • 1965 study “The Strange Situation”
  • 3 Attachment Styles
  • More info on the Attachment Styles including a video from
  • Protege, Mary Main, came up with a 4th style
  • Awards
  • Books (Amazon Smile)

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