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Suffrage on the Move!

The gal-pals talk about how their journey to the polls has changed before Bonnie talks about the planes, trains, automobiles, horses, and the marches that women utilized to win the vote. 

Show Notes

  • We’re back on Zoom so that means YouTube has live video of our silly and beautiful faces!
  • There are 5 Mondays in August so there are 5 gal-pals!
  • The gal pals this month are Dr. Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris, Edan, and Klaire Lockheart
  • Edan has already talked about Frances Harper and Klaire already talked about the Statue of Liberty Protest.
  • Get to know you question – Do you vote regularly?
  • “I Voted Above Averagely” (Our Sticker)
  • Klaire’s Hashtag #voteforBidensomyfriendKlairecanpainthispresidentalpotrait
  • How taking your kids to the polls can do right & wrong
  • Bonnie’s 1 Cool Suffrage thing is Suffrage on the move!
  • Bonnie has paper!!!!!
  • On foot!
  • General Rosalie Jones and her Pilgrims (picture below)
  • Alice Paul’s 1913 Parade
  • Ida B. Wells wasn’t allowed to march
  • Inez Milholland on a horse (picture below)
  • UPDATE Inez was the personification of the “New Woman”
  • A pageant or a protest?
  • Who was there? Helen Keller, Janette Rankin, Annie Jump Cannon
  • Men ruin the parade
  • Press coverage
  • Harriet Stanton Blanche
  • 1915 Parade
  • Liberty Bell
  • Automobiles!
  • California to New York to D.C
  • Sara Bard Field and Frances Joliffe
  • A petition scroll for suffrage
  • Average of 25 MPH
  • Nell Richardson and Alice Burke road trip with a cat 1916
  • Planes!
  • General Rosalie Jones in 1913 tied to a plane? (more here)
  • Lucy Burns in a plane with a banner
  • Mrs. John Blaire & Leah Richberg Hornsbee (picture below)
  • Trains!
  • Big transport of the day
  • May 1916 Suffrage Train
  • Inez collapses
  • Bonnie’s pin of Inez’s last words!
  • Silent Sentinals
  • American Experience – The Vote
  • Ladies in their 30’s starting the fight
  • Bicycles!
  • Susan B. Anthony
  • Bloomers
  • Susan B is not a looker.
  • Maybe it’s sabotage?


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