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Grace O’Malley

Batten down the hatches and pour the rum, we’re starting pirate month! Bonnie tells the tale of a gal who was told she girls can’t be pirates so she chopped off all her hair and started pirating! From Iron Richard to hen castle, learn about the clan leader who took audience with Queen Elizabeth speaking Latin. 

Show Notes

  • We’re back on Zoom so that means the YouTube has live video of our silly and beautiful faces!
  • The gal pals this month are Dr. Leah Leach, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Katie Harris, and Michelle Hammond
  • Pirate jobs
  • Bookcases update
  • Black Pearl Drink
  • Bonnie’s 1 Cool Thing is Grace O’Malley (Gráinne Ní Mháille)
  • Bonnie’s favorite pirate joke
  • Grace was born 1530
  • Daughter of a clan leader
  • “You can’t be a pirate girl!”
  • Spoke Latin
  • Gets married
  • kids
  • Death of husband and father
  • Clan Leader
  • Pirate management
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Richard Bigham kidnaps Grace’s kid
  • Married Iron Richard
  • Hen castle
  • Took the castle in the divorce
  • Prison
  • Requests an audience with Queen Elizabeth
  • Dirty hanky on fire
  • Pardoned
  • Died at age 73
  • Gave birth on a ship
  • “We know so much about her ’cause dudes” Bonnie
  • Two short swards
  • UPDATE: Documentary Warrior Women (on Amazon Prime)
  • Statue (picture below)
  • A boob out?
  • Song
  • UPDATE: Play “The Pirate Queen” (preview in videos)
  • Shipwrecked guy
  • Her clan



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