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Book Signing with Hannah and Robert Williamson

Gal’s Guide is hosting it’s first ever author signing in the library! Come meet Hannah & Robert Williamson, a father-daughter author team! Based right here in Noblesville, IN this fantastic duo has two young adult fantasy novels with a strong female lead.

Meet Hannah & Robert! Get a signed copy of the Palidonaya Chronicles: Raulin’s Oath and False Prophet


August 28, 2021


Gal’s Guide Library

107 S. 8th Street


Second Floor of the Nickel Plate Arts Campus

Books will be available for sale at the event. Retail price $14.99 each

A small percentage will go to Nickel Plate Arts.

About Book One

Raulin’s Oath

When thirteen year old Arietta is ravaged by juvenile arthritis and hospitalized, her grandfather, Gustoff was with her through every step of the way. He sang her to sleep and fought the overwhelming sadness that emanated from a sterile hospital room, but one can only watch a child suffer for so long. He was out of options, out of time, and ready to act. Grandpa Gus gifted Arietta a special gold coin that enabled her to travel to a land only accessible through the child’s dreamscape. With the help of Grandpa Gus, Arietta explores a land brimming with mystery, magic, and wonder. Arietta shares her gift with a friend named Jerry that she met in the hospital. Her arthritis becomes a distant memory; for within these lands there is healing, but where there is light, there is also darkness. Fire is quick to consume and a dark king will do whatever it takes to reclaim what is his own. Arietta, Jerry, and Grandpa Gus are swept into a dangerous quest that begins as a journey home, but quickly shifts to a race against time to save her grandfather and the new land she so desperately loves.

About Book Two

The False Prophet

“She’s the one that ends it all. I know how these prophecies go. She is the hero. She is the one. I know a savior when I see one. She’s Palidonaya’s chosen weapon.”

After being thrown into a beautiful but dangerous world, Arietta has learned not only to cope with the extreme pressure of being deemed Palidonaya’s Hero but also how to work with the magic gifted to her. The devastating defeat at Lenovia, the world’s last stronghold untouched by the dragons, has given wind to the wings of a new and terrible Draconian Reign, but Arietta, Jerry, and Nova stand as a final beacon of hope that armies rally behind. The choice to be a hero, though difficult to make, is the only thing standing between Palidonaya and Draconian domination.

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