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Dutch Assassins

“Stuffs gonna happen” just might be our new motto of the show. After finding out what music the gal pals find revolutionary Lisa follows the advice of her bartender and reads “Seducing and Killing Nazi’s” and tells us the amazing story of three Dutch teenagers, Hannie, Freddie, and Truus who did their part for the war effort.

Show Notes & Extras

  • This month’s gal pals are Katie Harris, Bonnie Fillenwarth, Lisa Cardona and Dr. Leah Leach
  • Bonnie already talked about Benazir Bhutto
  • “Stuffs gonna happen!”
  • Get to know you question – What music was piticular revoluntinary?
  • Trio of Dutch Assassions
  • Truus Oversteengen was born in 1923 (Age 17 when Germany invaded)
  • Freddy Oversteengen was born in 1925 (Age 15)
  • Hannah Schaft was born in 1920 (Age 20)
  • Maps
  • Bikes were the main way of travel
  • Politically activist parents
  • Sheltered Jewish children
  • Hannie had helicopter parents
  • Hannie was a book nerd!
  • Shout out to bartender Rhonda
  • Book – Seducing and Killing Nazi’s by Sophie Poldermans
  • Painting the image of wartime
  • Invasion in the Netherlands
  • Hannie stole ID cards
  • Truus & Freddie pamphlet power
  • Truus & Freddie teens on bike protest
  • 1941 brawl, first move to camps
  • Truus (now 18) Freddie (now 16) recreuited as assassians
  • 1942 “Tart yourself up”
  • Freddie freaked out
  • 1943 Hannie comes back to Harlem
  • As nurses in hospitals they all meet
  • They all learned German
  • Another strike
  • “Dutch Driveby, Ding, Ding. Pew, Pew”
  • John Nonecamp was paired with Hannie
  • 1944 Hannie was wouded
  • Hannie’s parents were captured by Nazi’s
  • “Clark Kent’d the situation”
  • Hannie was the firsl with red hair that was found by the SS and killed
  • Truus became a sculpturist
  • Freddie became a housewife
  • Memorial sculpture of Hannie
  • Streets named after them in Harlem
  • Book that Truuce wrote is only available in Dutch
  • Another book is Three Ordinary Girls by Tim Brady
  • Considerate assassions
  • UPDATE Truus died in 2016, she was 93
  • UPDATE Freddie died in 2018, she was 93
  • Wartime Sexism


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