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Book Signing with Helen & Elizabeth Davis

Gal’s Guide is pleased to welcome a mother-daughter writing team for a special book signing! Helen Davis (Da Mama) and Elizabeth Davis (Da Baby) are the owners of Dead Fish Books. They are so cute – they give out Swedish Fish candy at their booths! Da Mama and Da Baby will be signing copies of their fantastic anthology Universe of Attractions.

Come support this amazing duo!


September 17, 2022

2pm – 4pm

Gal’s Guide Library

107 S. 8th Street


Second Floor of the Nickel Plate Arts Campus

A small percentage will go to Gal’s Guide Library & Nickel Plate Arts.

About the Book

Universe of Attractions

How different can two entities be, yet still share the bond commonly known as love? An alien and a human? A surface dweller and a sea dweller? Living and no longer living? Organic and stone? A man and a planet? How can such different beings find each other, and how will they overcome the differences between them? Which barriers are just too high to cross? These twenty stories cover the range of Speculative Fiction—Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror—as well as the entirety of Human experience. From Ancient Greece to a far-flung futures, from suburbia to empty wilderness, these stories look for love wherever it is found. Sometimes there are happy endings. Sometimes it cannot be. And sometimes—it is up to the reader to decide. Love is always a chancy thing. Find it at Amazon and Smashwords.

About the Helen Davis

Da Mama

I graduated from Huntington High School, and then from Oberlin College with a BA in science. I went on to graduate studies at the University of Kentucky in Cell Biology. I have had a lifelong love of anatomy, cell biology, and ecological systems, and that had led to the creation of unique SF aliens and questioning various fantasy tropes. I am the older, more conservative voice of the operation. You may find my works at Amazon and Smashwords.

About Elizabeth Davis

Da Baby

Elizabeth was born and has lived her entire life in Dayton, OH, though she has also traveled to the other side of the world. She attended UD and Sinclair College, and holds degrees in English and Paralegal. She is currently creating a specialty in Database Repair. She is the younger, more liberal voice. She is starting a new job at Thompson Hine, LLP. She is the younger, more liberal voice. Her sounds are at White Noise Profile. Her publications are at Elizabeth Davis Publications.

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