Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL)

Serves Noblesville & Fishers, Indiana residents.

4 of the 7 board of Trustees members have ignored public needs and censored children’s books that include LGBTQ+ characters. 4 of 7 board members used taxpayer money to fund a second-opinion lawyer to get around the First Amendment. This mission is to censor more books with the use of the Collection Development Policy.

The current library lawyer resigned on 12/15/22. HEPL currently has no on-staff lawyer.

For the last year, the community has been witness to the hate, ignorance, and nefariousness that the board of trustees has been brewing. A large scope of the community has been attending these meetings, calling them on their potentially illegal and unwanted action. But the majority of the board chooses to be ignorant of the needs of the community they serve.   

What is important to note is that the HEPL Library Director and her staff are not the problem. HEPL is doing a fantastic job of inclusion, abiding by the First Amendment, following the law, upholding the Library Bill of Rights, and making sure parents have access to any book that they want for their kids. Its 4 members of the trustees that are trying to change the way public libraries work with extremely-limited knowledge of how libraries work.

Who are the board members?


MICHELLE PAYNE, Vice President  (stands up for LGBTQ books)


CRAIG SIEBE, Treasurer (stands up for first Amendment law)



ANDRE MIKSHA (stands up for LGBTQ books)

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Meeting Minutes

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Minutes from August

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Previous and Post minutes can be found here

Meeting videos

October meeting discussion Rainbow Reads book club

October Meeting about the Collection Development Policy

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Letters to the editor of the Hamilton Reporter

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Chad Carmichael’s Blog

Take Action

Come to the January 26th Trustees Meeting and talk about the definition of censorship. The meeting is held at the Fisher’s Library at 6:15pm. To speak you need to sign in at the door before 6:15pm or you will not be permitted to speak.

Talking points

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