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Fairyville 2023

Gal’s Guide Events

Gal’s Guide Booth

Friday, April 21, 6pm-9pm
Saturday, April 22, 10am-5pm

Check out our booth on the Fairyville Trail! We’ll have freebies and fairy goods for sale. We’ll also be your home base for the Scavenger Hunt; get your checklist and your Certificate of Fairy Awesomeness at the Gal’s Guide Booth.

FREE to browse
Opps to purchase

Community Fairy House

Friday, April 7, 12pm-9pm
Saturday, April 8, 11am-5pm
Wednesday, April 12, 12pm-4pm
Thursday, April 13, 12pm-5pm
Friday, April 14, 12pm-5pm

Worried about building your own fairy house? Lack the time to make one? Come to Gal’s Guide Library, we have easy parts of our community fairy house that you can help with. This year, our house is “Mother Nature Apartments” you can help color our fairies and write a welcome letter to the new tenants of Fairyville.


Fairy Squishing

Friday, April 21, 6pm-9pm

Adults-only fun during Fairyville After Dark. After bathing in a nearby pond that was cursed with a wicked spell, a green orb trapped some fairies! You need a special magic book to free them. Good thing Gal’s Guide Library has that special book needed for this very occasion.

We need you to smash the orb with the book – don’t worry, you’ll see the fairy escape – and they will leave their magical imprint.

You might get washable, non-toxic, plant-based paint on you.

$5 per person

Fairy Anniversary Couple

Friday, April 21, 6pm-9pm
Saturday, April 22, 10am-5pm

Come meet Leah & Josh. These two cute fairies are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, they keep losing each other. Fairy Leah has a big blue dress with a white apron. Fairy Josh has a gentleman’s suitcoat and cane. Can you help them find each other? You might spot them at the Fairy Ball, in the Fairy Parade, and maybe even at the Gal’s Guide Booth!


Fairy Story Time

Friday, April 21, TBA
Saturday, April 22, TBA

Pull up a tree stump or your favorite mushroom cap and hear a fairy tale. Multi-award-winning author Jeff Couch will be your storyteller live and in person at the Gal’s Guide Booth.


Fairy Scavenger Hunt

Friday, April 21, 6pm-9pm
Saturday, April 22, 10am-5pm

There are 11 fairies trapped in their own fairy dust, can you help free them? Each fairy finds inspiration in a human of history. If you can solve the riddles and find the inspiration, you’ll free the fairies!

Come get a checklist at the Gal’s Guide booth to start. When you have completed your checklist bring it back to the Gal’s Guide booth for a personalized Certificate of Fairy Awesomess, suitable for framing!

Why 11 fairies? Because it’s the 11th Annual Fairyville…and it’s one louder.


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