January Meeting

Our topic this month is: Women Get Sh!t Done.

Whether it’s in the home, in the workplace or in the community, women have the ability to fill their schedule to the point where they couldn’t be more productive unless they had a TARDIS (time travel device).

Women have a long history of being team players, leaders, problem solvers, caregivers and multi-tasking geniuses. If you’ve got a big project or even a family vacation to plan, odds are in favor that it’s a woman who is planning it so at least someone is happy. In short Women get sh!t done.
If you are a woman who gets Sh!t done, or you want to feel like you are (because trust us, you already are even if you don’t feel like it) come to Gal’s Guide Consciousness Awareness Meeting, January 26th at 7pm.
We’ll be talking about the pros and cons of this productivity and also just where it all comes from.
When: January 26 at 7pm
Where: Panera Bread,
17177 Mercantile Blvd, Noblesville, IN 46060


About our Consciousness Awareness Meetings (CAM):

A throwback to the consciousness awareness meetings of the 1970’s. We offer discussions the last Thursday of every month at 7pm.  We have a meeting topic or speaker with questions to lead our guide our discussion. Nothing is off limits. Meeting are “Vegas” what is said at the meetings stay at the meetings.

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