Spirited Away – Kate’s Take Podcast

Kate begins Miyazaki Month with Japan’s highest grossing film of all time, Spirited Away. In this episode Kate talks about:

  • Braving a new adventure
  • Taking part in the world around you
  • Helping others is a way of showing your toughness
  • What’s in a name
  • Cleansing
  • The power of remembering
  • How you can handle it when things are new and unknown.



Each week filmmaker & author, Kate Chaplin dissects a movie that has inspires her life for good, bad or ugly and shows you the universal messages hidden within. Like on Facebook. Follow on Twitter. Subscribe on iTunes, YouTube, and Podbean.

Kate’s Take is brought to you by Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Upcoming Schedule

  • Jan 12 – Princess Monoke
  • Jan 19 – Castle in the Sky
  • Jan 26 – Howl’s Moving Castle
  • Feb 2 – Oscar Special
  • Feb 9 – X-men
  • Feb 16 – X-men United
  • Feb 23 – Trainspotting


Kate’s Take started on D20crit.com in October of 2014. Kate was a guest on D20crit’s show A Bit of Geek and Nerdery Episode #12 talking about the new film she was producing called Ezekiel’s Landing (link to episode). She became a returning guest and before long Wil asked if she had an idea for her own show. Kate’s Take is an adaption from a never-finished novel entitled “I Blame Lucas” where Kate recalls her life through the movies she had watched starting with Star Wars: A New Hope and ending with Return of the Sith. Wil Derringher co-hosted, edited and produced the show for D20crit. Together Kate and Wil produced 57 episodes and won 5 awards for the show from INDYpodnet.

In August of 2016 tragedy struck with the loss of Wil’s beloved wife, Tristan. Understandably Wil was unable to do the show. November 2016 the show was moved from D20crit to Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy and re-titled Kate Take: Reloaded.


  • Most Entertaining – 2016 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Best Audio Quality & Editing – 2016 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Most Entertaining – 2015 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Rookie of the Year – 2015 INDYpodnet Awards
  • Best Coverage of a Geek Event – 2015 INDYpodnet Awards


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